Center on Race and Social Problems

Social Policy, the State, and the Poor: An Ethnographic Examination of Policy Intersections in an Impoverished Urban Neighborhood

Principal Investigator(s): 
January 1, 2010 to January 1, 2011

Data relating to social policies that disproportionately affect racial minorities was gathered and a total of twenty interviews were completed, with thirteen more scheduled in November and December. The final set of 20 hours of audio-tape will be submitted to UCSUR’s QDAP lab for transcription on December 30. Data from the most recent summer was used to complete and submit two new articles, one of which has received a revise re-submit from the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography entitled The Dealer: The Orderliness of a Small Drug Dealing Scene and the other article will appear in the Annals of Social and Political Science entitled Getting by in a Context of Shrinking Resources. This study examines social policies identified by my study population; these policies include: zero-tolerance in schools, welfare reform, housing reform in addition to the rates of arrest and incarceration.

Literature reviews and article summaries are currently being produced. The book manuscript proposal was submitted July and is currently under contract with the University of Chicago Press. The next goal will be to produce one more journal length article explicitly discussing social policy in the inner cities, and apply for additional funding to explore many of the issues identified in the pilot proposal to a local community in the city of Pittsburgh.







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