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Just Discipline Project: 2 Year Review

The Center’s Just Discipline Project has released their 2-year review brief on the program’s progress with reducing exclusionary discipline and increasing positive climate and achievement at the Woodland Hills Intermediate School. Results show a 28 percent decrease in the number of students suspended, as well as academic gains and evidence that students feel safer.

A copy of the report can be found here.

Why Are They Angry With Us? 

University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work Dean Larry E. Davis’s new book, Why Are They Angry With Us? Essays on Race, addresses the unresolved questions and conflicts about race in America from both the author's personal and a professional perspective. Davis relates racial incidents, observations, and issues to explain the workings of race and racism in America; confronting taboo topics such as race and prison, immigration, and internalized racism.

The Truly Advantaged: Examining the Effects of Privileged Places on Educational Attainment 

Junia Howell, a Pitt sociologist and race scholar, studies systems that perpetuate urban inequality. Her most recent paper, “The Truly Advantaged,” focuses on an understudied driver of inequity: the hoarding of educational resources and opportunity in middle- and upper-middle class neighborhoods.

A copy of the study can be found here