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Cuban Social Policy Course 2020

This study abroad course for graduate students in the School of Social Work enables students to carry out first-hand observation of social issues and policy in Cuba, enhance understanding of the ways in which Cuba formulates and implements policies aimed at contemporary social issues, and learn about alternative policies, programs, and services that might be useful in the U.S.

Participants will meet four times during the spring semester, and travel to the historically rich city of Havana, Cuba, for eight days.  Each student will choose a social issue of interest and gather information on the topic throughout the course. After returning from Cuba, each student will write a research paper on the social issue in Cuba, how it is addressed through policies, programs, and organizations, and possible lessons for the U.S.  

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Estimated cost: $2049 (Please note important estimate details)

Application deadline: The 2020 trip is booked. Applications for the 2021 trip will be available in October. 

Course dates: March 7th, 2020 - March 14th, 2020


Past CRSP Study Abroad Programs

In Spring 2016, professors Valire Carr Copeland and Mary Ohmer led a class of MSW students to Cuba. As has been true in the past, students found it to be an exciting course.


During the spring of 2015, ten students traveled to Cuba for this one-credit graduate course.  Taught by School of Social Work Dean Larry E. Davis, Associate Dean Valire Carr Copeland and Center Coordinator Sara Berg, the course focused on education, economics, public health, mental health, gender concerns, social security, and social work.  The center has offered this course in the spring of 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014.


Race Relations in the United Kingdom

During spring break 2008, Ralph Bangs and Lynn Coghill, then director of the Master of Social Work (MSW) program, traveled to London, England with five students and two social work alumni for eight days.  Prior to the trip, the class met several times to view a video on race relations in Europe and discuss readings on minority shares of the population, residential segregation, economic and education disparities, health/mental health, intergroup relations and criminal justice in Great Britain.  Students were asked to choose at least one area of focus from the above list for study and for their course paper.

Race Relations in France

This was a one-credit course taught by Ralph Bangs in which students traveled to Paris, France for eight days during spring break 2007. The group met with leading experts and scholars on race relations to learn about current race- and ethnicity-related issues in the areas of employment, religion, immigration, crime, education, and public services.

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