Center on Race and Social Problems

2010 Race in America Conference

06/03/2010 to 06/06/2010

Race in America Photo

Despite significant progress in America’s stride toward racial equality, there remains much to be done. Some problems are worse today than they were during the turbulent times of the 1960’s. Indeed, racial disparities across a number of areas are blatant—family formation, unemployment of men of color, community violence, incarceration rates, educational disparities, and health and mental health outcomes. As part of an attempt to redress these race-related problems, on June 3-6, 2010, the center held the conference Race in America: Restructuring Equality. This conference had as its goal to bring about greater racial equality for all Americans. As our society has struggled to recover from a major economic crisis, it seemed it was an ideal time to restructure many of the existing systems rather than merely rebuilding them as they once were. The crisis afforded the nation an opportunity to start anew to produce a society that promotes greater equality of life outcomes for all citizens.

On June 3rd, 2010, The University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work and the Center on Race and Social Problems welcomed Julian Bond, chairman emeritus of the NAACP.  Addressing an audience of approximately 1,300 community members, Bond delivered the keynote address, "The Road to Freedom: from Alabama to Obama", and officially opened, “Race in America: Restructuring Inequality” a national conference, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

The conference, considered by attendees as the most solution-focused dialogue on race ever held, brought together some of the best minds in the nation on this important topic.  Check back for forthcoming conference information, including photo galleries, presentations, videos, and conference proceedings.

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