Center on Race and Social Problems

James Huguley Awarded Grant

Assistant Professor and Center on Race and Social Problems Director James Huguley has received a grant from the University of Pittsburgh Learning Research and Development Center. This one-year study, entitled "Can We Talk About Race? Racial Socialization in Homes and Schools, Youth’s Critical Consciousness, and Academic Achievement," will utilize standardized testing, as well as surveys, to investigate the predictive role of home and school racial socialization on youth academic achievement.

Currently, there is little research that examines how Black and White youth learn about race and racism in multiple developmental contexts, and how these messages impact youth’s attitudes about race and their academic achievement. This longitudinal pilot study’s novel emphasis on both Black and White youth will show how racially marginalized and privileged youth learn about race and racism in their developmental contexts, and how educators might facilitate critical consciousness development that promotes academic success.

Dr. Huguley will be a Co-PI partner on the grant with PI Dr. Josefina Bañales with the Department of Psychology, and Co-PI Dr. Ming-Te Wang with the School of Education.

“This important project extends the work we have done on racial socialization among parents of color by assessing whether it is youth’s enhanced understanding of challenging racism that catalyzes the positive outcomes we’ve seen" said Dr. Huguley. "I’m excited to partner with PI  Dr. Banales and Co-PI Dr. Wang on this study.”