Center on Race and Social Problems

Inequities Affecting Black Girls in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County

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Goodkind, Sara
Heinz Endowments, in partnership with the FISA Foundation
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This report was developed in response to a body of data raising concerns about barriers to healthy development and educational opportunities for Black girls in the Pittsburgh region. While data point to numerous barriers that impede the well-being and academic success of girls, this snapshot focuses on the intersection of five target areas – poverty, education, juvenile justice, violence/abuse and child welfare. The report highlights these areas because of their profound long-term impact on the lives of girls and the potential to positively change girls’ trajectories if these issues are addressed through policy and practice. Until very recently, little public attention has been focused on understanding the ways Black girls and women experience institutional racism and sexism. Over the last year, the national conversation about the experiences of Black girls has gained momentum. This report is an attempt to share some troubling local data in order to support additional conversation and draw public attention to these issues.