Center on Race and Social Problems

Summer Institutes 2018: Race, Unemployment, and Poverty in Pittsburgh

Location Information
2017 Cathedral of Learning

Race and Employment - July 11

Race, Unemployment, and Poverty in Pittsburgh

8:00am - 5:00 pm in 2017 Cathedral of Learning

Speakers will be from the Pittsburgh Black Elected Officials Coalition:
Jake Wheatley, Pennsylvania State Representative
Ed Gainey, Pennsylvania State Representative
DeWitt Walton, Allegheny County Councilman
Rev. Ricky Burgess, Pittsburgh Councilman
Daniel Lavelle, Pittsburgh Councilman

Full event information is available here.

8:00 am                               Registration and Hot Breakfast

8:15 am                               Photographs of Principals

8:50 am                               Dean Davis, Welcoming Remarks & Introductions

9:10 am                Individual Talk Topics

  • PA State Rep. Ed Gainey                                  Business & Organization 
  • PA State Rep. Jake Wheatley                           Education & Family Outcomes 
  • County Councilman De Witt Walton              Employment/ Workforce Development 
  • Councilman Rev. Rev. Ricky Burgess               Affordable Housing
  • Councilman Daniel Lavelle                               Public Safety

10:10 am                             Short Break

10:20 am                             Roundtable Discussion

10:45 am                             Q & A with audience. 

11:30 am                             Sandwich lunch available in 2001

12:15 pm                            Afternoon session

Five different discussion groups; participants will register for a discussion group based on above list of topics ahead of time. 

Discuss, brainstorm ideas and make recommendations for solving problems identified in talks.  Identify spokesperson for each discussion group to present ideas to larger group.

1:45 pm                               Break: snack, tea, coffee, soda available in 2001

2:00 pm                               Five Group Spokespersons on Recommendations for Next Steps

2:50 pm                               Dean’s closing remarks

3:00 pm                               Adjourn

Seating is limited. REGISTER NOW

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