Center on Race and Social Problems

Cynthia Bradley-King, Ph.D.

University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work
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Cynthia Bradley-King received a PhD in administration and leadership of human services from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, a Master of Social Work degree in social administration from the University of Pittsburgh, a BA in human services administration from Chatham College, and an AS from the Community College of Allegheny County. A lifelong resident of Pittsburgh,Bradley-King graduated from Schenley High School and worked as a nurse in several area hospitals’ nursing homes. Currently, she is a field assistant professor and academic coordinator of Pitt’s Child Welfare Education for Baccalaureates program. This program recruits and financially supports undergraduate social work students as they prepare for the field of child welfare at 14 colleges and universities across Pennsylvania. Bradley-King teaches child welfare services courses at Pitt. Her most recent research is detailed in her PhD dissertation, entitled “The Adoption and Safe Families Act: Judicial and Child Welfare Administrators’ Perceptions of the Impact on African American Families.”

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