Center on Race and Social Problems

Ralph Bangs, Ph.D.

University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work

Dr. Bangs was Associate Director of the Center on Race and Social Problems in the Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Bangs’ current research is on improving African American high-school education and transitions to post-secondary school and on increasing contracting with minority and women-owned businesses.

Dr. Bangs is co-editor of the book, The State of Black Youth in Pittsburgh, and has produced more than 40 reports on the Pittsburgh region. Many of these reports can be found at click on publications. The reports include:

  • Black-White Benchmarks Reports in 2004 and several other Black-White benchmarks reports in the 1990s
  • Three reports on diversity among board members and elected officials in the region
  • Three “Black Papers” on African American Health in Allegheny County in 2002
  • A Basic Living Cost and Living Wage study in 1997 on local poverty conditions by race

In 1997 the YWCA of Pittsburgh gave Dr. Bangs a Racial Justice Award for speaking out on the findings of his Benchmarks reports. Dr. Bangs was also recognized as “Best Researcher” by In Pittsburgh newspaper in March 2000.

Dr. Bangs received a doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh in Public Policy Research and Analysis and a Masters of Public Administration from Ohio State University.