Center on Race and Social Problems

Summer Institutes

2017 Summer Institutes

Race and Child Welfare - June 7 and 8

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1.5 Day Continuing Education (6 CE Units) Summer Institute

National & Local Perspectives on Immigrants, Human Trafficking and Social Services

Immigration, Refugees & Human Service System

Human Trafficking

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Segregation - July 19 and 20

1.5 Day Continuing Education (6 CE Units) Summer Institute

National and Local Perspectives on Residential Segregation Issues, including housing, health and education

Past Institutes

2016: Race and Child Welfare, Procedural Justice, Race in Higher Education

2015: Racial Justice in School Discipline

2014: Are Academics Good Enough?

2013: A Call to Conscience: Effective Policies and Practices in Educating African American Males

2012: Racial Health Disparities

2011Gun violence; Employment; 

2010: We thank The Pittsburgh Foundation for their generous support of the Center's summer institutes in 2008 and 2009.  The summer of 2010 saw a break in our presentation of the institutes—see information on our June 2010 conference “Race in America: Restructuring Inequality

2009African American parental involvement in education; child welfare; food insecurity; racial diversity in corporate America.

2008: Race and prisoner reintegration; African American children's mental health; race and youth violence; race and kinship care.

2007: Ethnic disproportionality in school discipline; race and mental health; educating and employing law students and attorneys of color.

2006: Race and child welfare; race, crime and communities.