Center on Race and Social Problems

Community Collaborations


Consistent with our mission, the Center on Race and Social Problems funds, initiates, and collaborates to design, implement and evaluate applied research-to-practice interventions, nested in communities of color.  Unlike traditional research done on communities, CRSP faculty develop and conduct research and intervention projects in partnership with communities. Our partners include young people, parents, schools, congregations, youth serving organizations, and community development agencies.
Our current projects focus on a range of social issues that disproportionately impact communities of color. Some of the goals that our current projects seek to accomplish include the following:
•             Eliminate racial disparities in school discipline practices
•             Improve birth outcomes among African American mothers
•             Provide low-income young people access to higher education
•             Prepare African American parents to support their children’s academic success
•             Increase the availability of safe spaces for youth development
•             Teach young people how to engage new media tools to rewrite the narrative of their neighborhoods
•             Equip residents to promote equitable development and resident driven community revitalization, versus gentrification
Select current collaborations:
The Just Discipline Project is a research-to-practice initiative designed to advance achievement for all students by implementing and evaluating school-based relational climate and restorative practice programs. 
The mission of PACS is to mobilize University of Pittsburgh resources in ways that enrich the lives of Homewood children and youth, while simultaneously advancing the university's commitment to transformative teaching, learning, and community impact. 
This project seeks to design a best practice framework for culturally and contextually informed African American parent engagement in their children's school success.