Center on Race and Social Problems

Past Events

September 26, 2017

Tom Shapiro, PhD presents "Toxic Inequality"

July 19, 2017

National and Local Perspectives on Residential Segregation Issues

June 28, 2017

Chief’s Institute #2: Tactical Perceptions for the Community: Recognizing Bias

June 7, 2017

June 7-8, 2017 : National and Local Perspectives on Refugees, Immigrants, Human Trafficking and Social Services

April 26, 2017

Fair Housing Partnership Film Screening tonight at Melwood Screening Room

April 26, 2017

"Who Are You?: Racial Classification and the Instability of Race" by Michael Omi, Ph.D.

April 13, 2017

CRSP Fellows End-of-Year Presentation

April 13, 2017

Year of Diversity Poster Session

March 13, 2017

"For the Sake of All: Translating Evidence into Action for Community Health" by Jason Q. Purnell, Ph.D.

February 1, 2017

"White Privilege: Not so Invisible Anymore" by Paul Croll, Ph.D.